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The Wind – Cat Stevens

I listen to the windTo the wind of my soulWhere I’ll end up, well, I thinkOnly God really knows I’ve sat upon the setting sunBut never, never, never, neverI never wanted water onceNo, never, never, never I listen to my wordsBut they fall far belowI let my music take me whereMy heart wants to goContinue reading “The Wind – Cat Stevens”


Double Session – 2

Today, a dear friend send me this song performed by Bely Basarte & David, the song called Mentiras de Jarabe, that I could translate as Sweet Lies… ohhh what a great gift. After, hearing that song, flying in my thoughts, the following one, followed as a magic spell from the YouTube engine profiler…oh my surprise,Continue reading “Double Session – 2”

Double Season – 1

Hi there ! I am an anonymous who likes songs, specially from last century 😉 when most of my young-hood happened. Now, at the edge of my life, I began to feel a Deja-vu effect in many quotidian occurrences. Old memories seems to be reviewed again these days. Fashion, films, music, politics and lies. FromContinue reading “Double Season – 1”