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Mother, come …

There are momentsof full depression where mother come to our minds,short nasty eventscomplete self-destruction seems to root nevermind We rethink about itperhaps a faster stephow can I quit?or came back a step The soul of darknessembracing us with tendernessthe idea seems enchanted usgoing to a complete emptiness


When our subconscious is whispering us ?

Recently I share this song with my beloved friends, while thinking about recent events, a sensible love lost, which is in some how described in the lyrics of Hombres G song, Song 1 Song 1: Hombres G – Lo Noto When a relation is ending, there are signals, smalls ones revealing something is going wrong….Continue reading “When our subconscious is whispering us ?”

At last – Double Session -5

I was looking for a romantic theme for the owner of my heart, and this theme appeared to me as a bless. I was thinking this song was first done by Etta James, but this version of Glen Miller band, seems older. Then, I found this song has been interpreted by several great singers. FollowsContinue reading “At last – Double Session -5”

What’s Up – Double Session-4

This What’s Up song by 4 Non Blondes was worldwide success. The sonority of this music, with a fine guitar along all theme, and powerful voice of Linda Perry was a phenomenon. After that success, I am not aware about that group. Today I was revisiting P!nk, in an inspired day, filling love everywhere, IContinue reading “What’s Up – Double Session-4”

All I Know So Far – P!nk

Lyrics Haven’t always been this wayI wasn’t born a renegadeI felt alone, still feel afraidI stumble through it anyway I wish someone would have told me that this life is ours to chooseNo one’s handing you the keys or a book with all the rulesThe little that I know I’ll tell to youWhen they dressContinue reading “All I Know So Far – P!nk”

Spirit in the Sky – Double Session-3

Hi friends. Today, a friend remembered this great theme (thanks Whimsy !), Spirit in the Sky performed by KeiiNO a Norway. The only theme I remembered to watch from that Eurovision challenge in 2019. This theme has a interesting last part, where the performer seems to sing in other language, perhaps Norwegian or some ethnicContinue reading “Spirit in the Sky – Double Session-3”