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  • One of the few… in a stone world
    This is a particular song from Pink Floyd that was hovering in my soul, short but deep in my memories When you’re one of the few,To land on your feet.What do you do to make ends meet?(Teach) Make ’em madMake ’em sadMake ’em add two and two Make ’em meMake ’em youMake ’em do whatContinue reading “One of the few… in a stone world”
  • …loving , loving us
    Andábamos sin buscarnos,Aunque sabiendo que andábamos para encontrarnosY aunque no creo en el amor a primeraVista, creo en el querer a primera nocheY te dije que pasaría porque sabía que sabías, que sabía que querías Y fueron nubes las que usé deTrampolines, y tiburones los que vestí de delfinesUn arcoíris de tobogán,Por donde me dejéContinue reading “…loving , loving us”
  • When I was little one…
    During the ending ’60s, the romance was expressed in some, “innocent” way, perhaps a little fancy, but effective. Anyway, the ones we are alive now during this time, came from some fine practices 2 or 3 generations before, as these songs register.

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